Casley, un chanteur-styliste

Publié: 18 août 2011 dans Haïti Culture


La chanson “Encore une fois” a porté le jeune chanteur Casley dans nos tympans, le tube « Haiti pran nan cho » a confirmé ses talents, mais il est plus qu’un chanteur, c’est un ARTISTE. Quand il n’est pas au micro, il fait office de couturier, styliste et propose sa vision de la mode. En exclusivité absolue, nous vous présentons certaines œuvres de Casley, un jeune designer haïtien, qui évolue à New York,  à découvrir. Lire la suite pour visualiser ses créations.


A gentleman, a recording artist, a song writer, an actor, and to add to it all, now a designer. Suffice it to say, Casley is all that!
First introduced to us in 1997 as a music prodigy, since then, Casley has progressively become the epitome of classic fashion. The multi talented artist bridged the gap between performance art, music, and fashion while concurrently achieving a remarkable rise to eminence.

Casley has been designing for the past ten years and in 2009 he attended FIT to acquire more disciplines, which subsequently helped foster professional growth within the world of fashion. His career as a designer came to prominence following the release of his music video, « Mwen dezole” which featured many of his avant-garde pieces from his new clothing line “GlamourMatik”. Casley exudes un “esprit libre” but his outré and unorthodox sense of style makes us wonder who the man behind the label really is…

He was born Patrickson Calixte on December 15, 1982, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Casley’s love for performing arts was apparent at an early age when he would perform to his class pet. “I’ve always wanted to be an artist” He states “I remember my very first audience ‘Figaro’, a monkey kept in my class room” Casley joked.  

At the age of twelve Young Casley was faced the reality of leaving his place of birth to immigrate to the United States. There, he gradually started to develop a great passion for singing.  In 1997 he joined a gospel group. During that same year, he performed at a concert in Brooklyn College where more then 2500 people were applauding and shouting his name out loud. It was then; he began to truly fall in love with the stage and wanted to share his talents with a larger audience.  

At 17, he was introduced to a couple of influential music producers, including Gérard Daniel and Max Badette, whom he collaborated with- An experience he will forever cherish.  Soon after, he delved into the world of acting. And just when we thought we can keep up with him, Casley revealed his new talent as a designer. How did we not see that coming? His grasp of dramatic hues is original, chic, sensual, and simply exquisite.

Why GlamourMatik?
Well, His brainwave is all about edgy sophistication. Glamorous and dramatic. Hence, Glamourmatik. A look into his inspiration juxtaposes extreme femininity.   His designs pamper today’s woman with an unbending approach to glamour and romance.   His collection is inspired greatly by various architectural shapes, detailed stones, feather, and extremely structured silhouettes. His creations are edgy and confident; every piece from his collection speaks with strong individuality.  GlamourMatik is for daring and free spirited women, not bound by myriad boundaries of shape or body type.  


Casley is definetly in it to win it! Not only he is a humble man with an innovative mind, but he also knows that hard work and dedication are of utmost importance –His keen business sense, ability to stand by his product at all costs and ability to prevail malgré tout are what makes him a winner. Without a doubt, He is one of the most authentic Haitian artists of his time. The rest as they say, is history.


Barbara Rodriguez  

  1. carine dit :

    wow c vraiment Casley continue du bon travail

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